Cake o Topia Bruidstaarten

Cake o Topia Bruidstaarten

cake-o-topia exclusieve bruidstaarten bij weddingfair trouwbeurs

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Welkom bij Cake-o-Topia,

Eetbare Kunst

Wij maken graag eetbare kunst. Met biologische en lokale productne. Onze bruidstaarten zijn superlekker én mooi.

Baking with my mum was my start, she showed me all kinds of magic you can do with an oven 🙂
Started making fondant and marzipan cakes in 2011, making a Barbie cake. She was Jane from Tarzan and I was in love….with cake decorating! With a history of making costumes, dress a cake doll is new and familiar at the same time.
Taking classes at PME, workshops and masterclasses made me grow. I completed the first year of The Sugar Academy, for Cake Decorating and Design, loved every minute of it! This schoolyear the follow up, The Masters! High level, great time.
Making people happy with my edible art, teaching , giving workshops and crafting, that is the way I love living.

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Cake o Topia Bruidstaarten

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